Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Wow has started


Since the release of Windows Vista, everyone believed there is a Wow! in Windows Vista Family.
Everyone stopped searching for Wow! as soon as Vista's first release is buggy, slow & a headache. Wow of Vista changed into How. Yes! How to uninstall Vista.

But, Microsoft continually boasted that their Operating System is Wow.

All the Linux fan-boys, Microsoft-hater's, Apple fruit's struggled their best to pull down Vista from everyone's mind. As usual, everyone stopped searching for Wow. Even I know peoples, who hates Vista, still having only 256MB of RAM in their PC.

On March 2008, Redmondian's released Vista SP1, shutting everyone's rotten mouth. Those who'd downgraded to XP, start upgrading to Vista.

From my personal experience, I've upgraded from Windows XP Sp3 to Vista Ultimate, after the release of Vista SP1. SP1 had made Vista a lot stable, than its first release. Till now, I've never encountered any compatibility issue. I could install & use apps, just like XP.

I start enjoying Vista. What about those who shout at Vista ? Let them shout, without realizing the Wow inside Vista.

The Wow has started for me.

Oh! I forget to say onething, Im not dual-booting Vista & XP. Only Vista Ultimate.

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