Saturday, August 30, 2008

IE 8 Beta 2 Ready - for Download

At last, Microsoft start hitting the Internet again with the beta 2 release of the next-gen browser - Internet Explorer 8.

You can download, here.

Some of the notable features that's included are as follows:

a) Accelerators

They are known as Activities in beta 1. The technology allows users to find the defenition of a word, mapping an address or posting a blog-entry, that are available on vieweing page, instead of a new page.

b) Web-Slices

Brings the user’s favorite data (sports scores, weather reports, stock quotes, etc.) directly into the Favorites Bar. Changes and updates are retrieved and users are visually notified of the updated information status.

c) Visual Search Suggestion

In the Instant Search box, as users type a search term, they will receive real-time search suggestions from their chosen search provider, as well as results from the users’s own Favorites and browsing history.

d) Suggested Sites

These are recommendations about other, related sites that might be of interest. This feature must be enabled by the user; it’s not on by default.

If Beta 1 was meant for Designers, Beta 2 was meant for Users.
Happy Browsing...!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Increasing Torrent speed


I know everyone is struggling to peak-up their torrent speed. Here is a complete solution.

I've gone thru this video very recently.

Now, Im getting a download speed of 300kbps. My cousin has a speed of 600kbps.

This is the screens for the basic menu-settings done on my uTorrent

Connection :

Go thru the video, and begin a perfect downloading.
This is my download status.

I hope every1 likes it.


Note: This is a video sample from Metacafe. You can find more related videos here

Saving Flash videos from web-page

I know, lot of people Googles for a tool to save the flash video from web-page. Some tools may be trial version, or some may be annoying, by installing ActiveX plugin in ur IE.

A complete solution is available for this. Just download and install Real Player 11 GOLD. Afterwards, whenever you mouse-over a flash video, a small tag pop-ups above the flash-file prompting you to save/download. If u dont, see a prompt, just right-click the flash video, where you see a download option.

This works for, IE7, too. But, not for firefox 3.0(i dont know about the lower version, since IE is my default browser).


YOUTUBE Video download link

Load this URL and enter the youtube video URL. That's all.

Note: Sometimes you may get invalid URL. In such a situation, check whether you have your country domain attached along with your youtube URL. That means, for India, you'll be having a URL like***********. To download the video, just remove the country-domain from ur youtube URL & the URL looks like, http://youtube*****

Thats all, Happy Downloading...!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Embedding Conncetion-String in web.config

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<clear />
<add name="Name"
connectionString="Valid Connection String;" />

Encrypting ConnectionString in web.config

To work-out this sample you need to include System.Web.Configuration namespace.


using System.Web.Configuration;

// Open web.config file
Configuration config = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration("~");

// Get the ConnectionString section
ConnectionStringsSection section = config.GetSection("connectionStrings") as ConnectionStringsSection;

// Toggle Encryption
if (section.SectionInformation.IsProtected)
Response.Write("Connection String Encryption Removed");
Response.Write("Connection String Encrypted");

// Save changes to web.config file

Include this code in a Page-Load or in a Button-Click. The code sample toggles encryption-decryption. This is a code sample from MSDN.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

unable to SHUTDWON computer after HIBERNATION in Vista

Recently, I encountered a problem in my Vista Ultimate with SP1.


Due to power-failure, i's forced to hibernate my Vista system. Once the power comes back, I rebooted my system. It seems to work as normal. I dont find anything strange. But, when I gave a SHUTDOWN command from Start -> Shutdown. I's surprised by the way Vista behaved.

Every display was as usual. I got a screen showing 'Logging Off', then a 'Shutting Down' screen. And my LCD monitor got OFF and showed 'No Signal'. But, I noticed that my PC is not powered-off completely. Instead I can see the light of the SMPS lite & can hear my CPU fan running.

All I've to do is to turn-off the power manually. I googled for sometime & everyone had enountered the same issue (mostly during SLEEP than HIBERNATE). But I cant find a clear answer.

I also noticed that START -> RESTART is working fine. But, START-.SHUTDOWN has still problem. My situation turned pathethic. I even tried restoring to a previous settings. But everything was in-vein. As a temporary solution, i created a batch file which calls the 'shutdown.exe' from the System32 folder of the Windows directory (as 'shutdown -s'). To my luck, it worked fine.


Finally, I got a solution to sove this. I got this as a trial-and-error method. I manually shutdown the PC using shutdown.exe utility of Vista OS.

For this I created a batch file, with following contents inside it.


Just type

shutdown -s

in your console screen or in your RUN window.

You'll get a warning that your PC will shutdown after 1 minute.

Note: This method may fail for first time (sometimes). If its failed, then restart the machine & try it again. It will work. Guranteed!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Is 'Cuil' cool ?

August 1, 2008 - A milestone was laid my installing Cuil into the Internet Search Industry. Though Google rules the search-industry, lets here what Cuil has to say.

"We'd indexed 12billion web-pages, which is larger than any existing search engine (including Google)"

This was how Google came to the internet search industry, years back. They made a large set of indexes (via distributed servres) globally. And with the help of their powerful search algorithm, they clipped the web-pages, faster than anyone.

The exact idea was implemented the Cuil team. Oh! forgot to introduce the Cuil team- consisting of former Google engineers and others who worked at eBay, Altavista & IBM.

Holding 12billion index is not a bad thing.

First time when i used Cuil, i's doubted whether I'm using Wikipedia. Because no spelling suggestion is available. Later only I came to know that their searching mechanism is quite new. A new approach, but partially similar to Wikipedia.

I tried searching 'ASP.NET Official Forum'. My expectation was to get, but I got some other search links. What I noticed here ia that, each search result is embedded in a box along with a screenshot.

Then, I tried another way searching the same thing, by making a small mistake, like this 'ASP.NET Oficial Forum'. Wow! to my surprise, I got the official forums link as the first result, along with a screenshot.

I dont know why that spelling-mistake has pushed-up the original link & why the original search-term hides the original link.

If you know the exact search-term, you'll have the exact result. But, what I felt was that the results are based on contents & relevance, rather than popularity and audience traffice.

That's why I mentioned, that I felt like Wikipedia. I've thought a long time, that if the wikipedia's search is powered by google, then how easy it will be to find an article in Wikipedia. Also, this would have prevented Google from releasing Knol, to beat Wikipedia. Anyway, its a monopoly, i justed mentioned my doubt, thats all.

The search result in Cuil is limited to few pages, as comapired with Google.

There I stopped & loaded Google. I dont find any better search engine than Google.

Might Cuil have some different approach than google. But, all it lies on how the end-user understands it, how they suits it.

Will the black background of Cuil, can corrupt Google ?

How far will Cuil be in our browser.

Will Cuil strike at the right Chord ?

Lets show continues...!!!

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