Saturday, August 30, 2008

IE 8 Beta 2 Ready - for Download

At last, Microsoft start hitting the Internet again with the beta 2 release of the next-gen browser - Internet Explorer 8.

You can download, here.

Some of the notable features that's included are as follows:

a) Accelerators

They are known as Activities in beta 1. The technology allows users to find the defenition of a word, mapping an address or posting a blog-entry, that are available on vieweing page, instead of a new page.

b) Web-Slices

Brings the user’s favorite data (sports scores, weather reports, stock quotes, etc.) directly into the Favorites Bar. Changes and updates are retrieved and users are visually notified of the updated information status.

c) Visual Search Suggestion

In the Instant Search box, as users type a search term, they will receive real-time search suggestions from their chosen search provider, as well as results from the users’s own Favorites and browsing history.

d) Suggested Sites

These are recommendations about other, related sites that might be of interest. This feature must be enabled by the user; it’s not on by default.

If Beta 1 was meant for Designers, Beta 2 was meant for Users.
Happy Browsing...!!!

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