Tuesday, August 5, 2008

unable to SHUTDWON computer after HIBERNATION in Vista

Recently, I encountered a problem in my Vista Ultimate with SP1.


Due to power-failure, i's forced to hibernate my Vista system. Once the power comes back, I rebooted my system. It seems to work as normal. I dont find anything strange. But, when I gave a SHUTDOWN command from Start -> Shutdown. I's surprised by the way Vista behaved.

Every display was as usual. I got a screen showing 'Logging Off', then a 'Shutting Down' screen. And my LCD monitor got OFF and showed 'No Signal'. But, I noticed that my PC is not powered-off completely. Instead I can see the light of the SMPS lite & can hear my CPU fan running.

All I've to do is to turn-off the power manually. I googled for sometime & everyone had enountered the same issue (mostly during SLEEP than HIBERNATE). But I cant find a clear answer.

I also noticed that START -> RESTART is working fine. But, START-.SHUTDOWN has still problem. My situation turned pathethic. I even tried restoring to a previous settings. But everything was in-vein. As a temporary solution, i created a batch file which calls the 'shutdown.exe' from the System32 folder of the Windows directory (as 'shutdown -s'). To my luck, it worked fine.


Finally, I got a solution to sove this. I got this as a trial-and-error method. I manually shutdown the PC using shutdown.exe utility of Vista OS.

For this I created a batch file, with following contents inside it.


Just type

shutdown -s

in your console screen or in your RUN window.

You'll get a warning that your PC will shutdown after 1 minute.

Note: This method may fail for first time (sometimes). If its failed, then restart the machine & try it again. It will work. Guranteed!

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