Saturday, August 2, 2008

Is 'Cuil' cool ?

August 1, 2008 - A milestone was laid my installing Cuil into the Internet Search Industry. Though Google rules the search-industry, lets here what Cuil has to say.

"We'd indexed 12billion web-pages, which is larger than any existing search engine (including Google)"

This was how Google came to the internet search industry, years back. They made a large set of indexes (via distributed servres) globally. And with the help of their powerful search algorithm, they clipped the web-pages, faster than anyone.

The exact idea was implemented the Cuil team. Oh! forgot to introduce the Cuil team- consisting of former Google engineers and others who worked at eBay, Altavista & IBM.

Holding 12billion index is not a bad thing.

First time when i used Cuil, i's doubted whether I'm using Wikipedia. Because no spelling suggestion is available. Later only I came to know that their searching mechanism is quite new. A new approach, but partially similar to Wikipedia.

I tried searching 'ASP.NET Official Forum'. My expectation was to get, but I got some other search links. What I noticed here ia that, each search result is embedded in a box along with a screenshot.

Then, I tried another way searching the same thing, by making a small mistake, like this 'ASP.NET Oficial Forum'. Wow! to my surprise, I got the official forums link as the first result, along with a screenshot.

I dont know why that spelling-mistake has pushed-up the original link & why the original search-term hides the original link.

If you know the exact search-term, you'll have the exact result. But, what I felt was that the results are based on contents & relevance, rather than popularity and audience traffice.

That's why I mentioned, that I felt like Wikipedia. I've thought a long time, that if the wikipedia's search is powered by google, then how easy it will be to find an article in Wikipedia. Also, this would have prevented Google from releasing Knol, to beat Wikipedia. Anyway, its a monopoly, i justed mentioned my doubt, thats all.

The search result in Cuil is limited to few pages, as comapired with Google.

There I stopped & loaded Google. I dont find any better search engine than Google.

Might Cuil have some different approach than google. But, all it lies on how the end-user understands it, how they suits it.

Will the black background of Cuil, can corrupt Google ?

How far will Cuil be in our browser.

Will Cuil strike at the right Chord ?

Lets show continues...!!!

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