Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Desktop RSS Reader


Ive been searching a long for a Desktop RSS reader for Vista. Finally I got one. Its NewzCrawler.

Initially, I tried to use, Omea Reader. But, soon gave up, when i was unable to subscribe to ceratin feeds from http://www.asp.net site. My one of the fav site.

I's getting an error when i tried to subscribe to feeds from the asp.net site. I sent the error message along with a screenshot to e-mail id found in their website. But, I didnt get any respose from their support team.

I dont know why, enterprises behave in this way to a feedback mail. Is that so because, my mail went straight to junk folder. Might be. Couple of weeks back, I found a bug in http://forums.asp.net site & reported this in their complaint section via mail. Within an hour, I got a reply mail from the suppport team of asp.net site. See, how fast the reply is, if you really care about your bussiness.

Pretty good features are: it has an Outlook like 3-pane inerface and flagging. The best I like is the ability to download a webpage into the NewzCrawler itself. It will be automatically saved can be viewed at any time, by selecting the respective feed.

So, download and enjoy the feeds.

Oh! forgot to say one thing. I know everyone uses Google Reader. But, the tedious interface forced me to switch to Desktop RSS Readers. Ive tried almost 10 Desktop RSS Readers. The most I liked was Omea Reader & NewzCrawler.

Happy subscribing...

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