Monday, November 3, 2008

Yesterday night, I got insane for an hour. Around 3:30am, I’s browsing internet. Suddenly, my net connection got disconnected. I reconnected it however. When I fire up my browser, what I saw was painful.

By browser loads a message mentioning- “Please wait while your request is being redirected”.


I got afraid, every time when i load a website, I’s welcomed by that message. Also, the page is being redirected to a link as below:

Today, when I load the link again, I’s pretty relieved. The link took me to the BSNL server, my ISP. And the error caused, because my usage exceeds 1 GB. Ya! a kind of protection mechanism. For past few months, BSNL was encountering several billing issues. Even I’ve have billing dispute thrice with BSNL. Its good that they are introducing certain mechanism to retain their customers.

At least for some time, I’s thinking whether my computer is being hacked by somebody.

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Prashanth Reddy said...

i see the same prob in my computer to sovle this ?

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