Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Browser War reloaded, IE-Share drops to 68%.

I'm a MSFT fan boy. I’m always curious to know how much market-share MSFT holds for its products. MSFT’s main two eye-catching products are Internet Explorer and Operating System. I keep an eye on both.

I don't know at what point MSFT got lazy or at what point they started losing the game of  Browser-War. As a nightmare, IE share is dipping and Firefox share is on its phase, covering a share of 20% (on Dec 1, 2008). IE’s share dropped to 68%. Remember, IE had a solid-share of 95%, on 2002. Suddenly, IE sunk when Mozilla hit the market with its open-source browser captioned Firefox.

MSFT has got a tough time ahead with IE8. Right now I'm using IE8 Beta 2. I'm enjoying with it. Much much better than IE7. One-way-or-another, Google is struggling with its new browser Chrome, with a market-share of 1% approx. I know its not a time to judge Chrome, since its just been launched. Chrome was released with an aim to cover IE’s market share. If so, they have to cover Safari (8%) and Firefox (20%). But, I cannot understand one thing, Google has an alliance with Mozilla, due to which they had made Google as their default search-engine. One thing is sure, Chrome is not going to cover Firefox at any point. Then one thing could happen, either Google would buy Firefox or Firefox and Chrome browser-team would work together to beat IE.

One thing is very clear now. MSFT realized the seriousness when they start losing IE share & with the rise of anti-MSFT sentiments., around the globe. IE8 is a good challenge for both Google and Mozilla. I betsmile_speedy.

On thing that always made me laugh is that Chrome won’t make a prompt when we try to close it with multiple tabs opened or downloads are in progress. I don't and cant understand why Google team missed such a silly point when making a major move. Also they have to do much work in CSS Engine. ASP.NET site was one of my favorite site, which is cluttered in Chrome. Then how can I…

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