Saturday, June 20, 2009

Operation aborted in IE8

Dear Readers/Visitors, as you might know you may receive an “Operation Aborted” error message, when visiting my blog using Internet Explorer. Honestly, I don't know what had happened. How sad. (I’m an IE Lover…!!!).

I’ve posted the issue in IE MSDN Forum. Though they helped, but was not solved completely. Also, they have provided some troubleshooting methods to solve the issue. If you are experiencing the same problem of “Operation Aborted” exception, then have a look at the discussion here.


Update: I think the problem is solved now. I'm not getting the error message. What about you guys?


Carol Doll said...

Hi, I also have same problem viewing other blogspot blogs as well..please lat me know if you found a solution, thankyou.

Abhilash said...

Hi Carol,
To the worst I didnt find any solution. Have you checked the msdn discussion in @

At this point I dont have any solution.Will notify you on solving.


Anonymous said...

I have seen 12 computers in my company with the issue so far & no solution streight forward solution from Microsoft. My solution is FireFox.

Best viewed in Internet Explorer 8.