Saturday, October 18, 2008

IE8 beta 2 bug

After the release of IE8 beta 2, there were many articles posted in Internet, both praising and cursing the beta release.

In ZDNet, I saw an article about the beta release. What surprised me that, the very first comment is cursing the beta release. What he mentioned was as follows:

“Clik on the down-arrow of your vertical scroll-bar few times. Afterwards, click-and-hold the scroll-bar and move it up-down (vertically). This will give a distorted effect to the textbox(s) and the button(s), in the page”.

What he’s saying was right…!!!

Here’s the screenshot:


I agree with him. But, I approached this problem/bug in a different manner. After the release of IE7 and Vista, Redmondians are taking extra-care to make their product bug-free as possible. Then, how did this happened ?

The way I thought was right, there is a compatibility-view button. If you find the rendering of a page inaccurate, then you can click on that button, so that that particular page will be rendered in IE7 mode; thus fixing the bug. Also, all the pages from that domain will be rendered in IE7 mode.

I don't know, how many Linux fan-boys and Microsoft-haters enjoyed this bug; without knowing, Remondians are know as “The King of Softwares

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