Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RSS Syntax

For a long time, I’s looking for creating RSS feeds using ASP.NET. I got a couple of examples after Googling. Everything was explained nice. But, it lacked something. None of them explained the basic syntax of RSS feeds. At last, I got the syntax from MSDN library.

Yap! I'm really a fool. Because, there’s a working example on MSDN. Still I didn’t searched MSDN initially. I’s wondering how Google made internet everyone’s biggest weakness.

Here is the syntax:

<rss version=”2.0”>


      <title>website’s name</title>

      <link>website’s link</link>

      <description>website description</description>


            <title>news-item title</title>

            <link>news-item link</link>

            <description>news-item description</description>

            <author>news-item author</author>

            <pubDate>news-item published date</pubDate>




            --- NEXT ITEM Details





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