Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wave from Windows Live Wave 3

Wow has started again with Windows Live Wave 3.

I like it the best. It’s the best windows Client from Microsoft ever. Ya! Im a Microsoft fan. But, it doesn't means that I’ll accept their every dull releases. I’s weird when I first used Vista Ultimate. I feel like, it’s the worst careless product from Microsoft. But, the giants solved it, as usual via Service Pack 1.

But, its time to speak about Windows Live Wave 3. Though its a beta release, I really like it on the first half an hour use itself. The most I liked among are; of course Windows Hotmail availability @ desktop itself. Because, I got some loading delay on IE8 Beta2; which I’s able to overcome easily. Also, it supports Yahoo! mail (plus only sadly) and Gmail.

Then comes, ability to support multiple weblogs including blogger and wordpress.

Oh! the best I like is it RSS Feed support. Because, I’s actually looking for a Desktop RSS Reader. Right now, I’s using NewzCrawler. Honestly, I’s not satisfied with Google Reader. I actually don't like the interface. Very sluggish. Also, they tried to make it just like Gmail. Its true that its fast and light-weight. I don't know how many of them cares about fast and light-weight services, when they are having a fast broadband connection. At least, I care about the look and feel, of a service which MS delivered to the world with maintaining Quality in all perspectives.

I’ve also installed Photo-Gallery and Movie Maker. But, didn't worked on it, since I'm am not a Media person.

I prefer daily ready-to-use services. WLW3 gave me a WOW in all perspectives.

Wait! I'm (and I’ll be) writing this blog from Live Writer.

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